Sri. Basavaraj Patil Anwari.

Sri. Basavaraj Patil Anwari.

Ex. Central Minister
Founder President
Sri. Hampanagouda Badrali.

Sri. Hampanagouda Badrali.

Ex. M.L.A
Past President
Sri. Pampangouda Badrali.

Sri. C.Sharanappa.

V.C.B.Education Society, Lingasugur


College is well equipped with computerized library. Which is headed by a P.hd. holder. It has contained plenty of reference books and text books in different languages. The following list shows the details of books available in the library.

  1. Reference Books

  2. Text Books

  3. Languages

  4. Magazines and Journals

  5. Electronic Media (C.Ds)

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