Sri. Basavaraj Patil Anwari.

Sri. Basavaraj Patil Anwari.

Ex. Central Minister
Founder President
Sri. Hampanagouda Badrali.

Sri. Hampanagouda Badrali.

Ex. M.L.A
Past President
Sri. Pampangouda Badrali.

Sri. C.Sharanappa.

V.C.B.Education Society, Lingasugur


Education for empowerment of Rural Youth and Human Excellence


  1. To serve educational thrust of society
  2. To create a way of good career and develop the competence among students to stand on their own in the competitive society with self confidence
  3. To educate economically and socially disadvantaged students
  4. To make students responsible citizens of the country with high moral standards.


  1. To impart quality education to rural youths
  2. To develop all-round personality of the students
  3. To encourage the students to cultivate discipline and sense of patriotism
  4. To motivate the potential rural youth to respond to the social problem
  5. To give computer education
  6. To inspire the students to carry on our cultural heritage, cultural and sports activities.

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